ChronoForms v4 RC3.1/3.11 bug fixes

GreyHead 01 Feb, 2012
This is a note of reported bugs in ChronoForms v4 RC 3.1 and 3.11

I think that the majority of bugs from previous versions have been fixed.

  • Bizzynate reported that some new attributes in the HTML make the code fail W3C validation. See this post. (From RC2.0)

  • The Event Loop Target event drop-down does not appear to be loading correctly. This is a serious bug and so far I haven't found the cause. Hopefully Max will release a fix.

  • If you click the Refresh Table List button on the Advanced Tab of the DB Save action when there is no valid DB connection set up on the tab AND Error reporting is enabled on your site then PHP Warning message appears in the drop-down that can break your form. See this thread.

  • There are still problems with Reply To email addresses not being handled correctly by Joomla!. Please see this post about Joomla! 2.5 and earlier posts in the same thread about Joomla! 1.6/1.7.

  • The Data Republisher doesn't recognise the new HTML5 input types. See this thread for a workaround. Ideally there would also be a drop-down selector for types in the Text element too.

  • There's a potential problem with failed W3C validation because of & not being replaced in the Show HTML action URL. See this thread for more and a fix.

  • Philippe noticed some minor bugs here (no fixes).

    [*}weissmag pointed out that the auto-generation of ids for radio boxes when the box values are not valid characters for an id e.g. they are in Hebrew. See [url=]this post[/url]. Also option values like 1 & -1 will create non-unique ids.
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