Chronoform data saving troubles

Bakaburg 24 Feb, 2011
I have a problem with chronoform.
I created my form and everything. but when people input data, sometimes it doesn't get saved, sometimes the data look strange (encrypted?), but when it's me trying the form, it always works!!!

here an example of the strange data:
> REGISTRATION DATE 2011-02-24 - 08:24:14

> NAME xjvcZiqVZOf






>HOW DID YOU GET TO KNOW THE LABMOND? w2yCfW iuykmqzzrasu,stxpmgksgwqu, [link=]qdchzokvtmyk[/link],


>LOCAL OFFICE Campobasso

Any idea?? I'm pretty in the troubles with this!
GreyHead 24 Feb, 2011
Hi Bakaburg ,

Looks like a robot spammer submission I get a couple of those a day on my contact form.

There's nothing in ChronoForms that encrypts or encodes form data.

Bakaburg 24 Feb, 2011
Thanks for the fast answer!

But what's the purpose of sending these data? they don't look like code injections or links or whatelse?

And then I was wandering: the fields LOCAL OFFICE looks normal (it was a "select") but also LABMOND LEVEL is a select, but it appeared with ° that looks like non ASCI code (it should be just °). it doesn't happen normally.

Two more thing:
1. It happens that people submit the form, but they don't get registered. I noticed that when this happens they don't get redirected to home page (as I set in the configuration) but they return to the form page. Is this solvable?

2. I don't see the after submit message after submitting!

Thank you and sorry for the bother!
GreyHead 25 Feb, 2011
Hi Bakaburg,

I have no idea why people create spambots . . .

I do know that they sometimes bypass the form code and 'post' results directly so I guess that's why the drop-down has a strange value. It's also a reason why the form code should be validated on the server.

I can't start to answer your other two questions without seeing the form and the form code.

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