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theanimalix 07 Jul, 2010

I was wondering if its possible to automaticaly track referrals, which complete and send Chrono Form? On non automatic way is to add a dropdown list with all possible variants, but I am not sure that all of visitors will fill that field. I would like form to automaticaly detect if the user came from google or maybe from site that I have banner on. I believe that this information should be saved in "hiden field", but I dont know how to solve that.
GreyHead 07 Jul, 2010
Hi Tadej,

Yes it's certainly possible. I developed a ChronoForms Contact form for a client that adds the incoming URL - or the best info about it there is - into an email that is sent .

We do this by using a little Jumi snippet to track the User through the site building up a history and then add that to the email. Sample below.


This email is testing the ghTracker add-on code for ChronoForms



Page visited 1:
Page visited 2:
Page visited 3:,FoclO7qGGyeM-Dr1Quc3qwWy9
Page visited 4:,FoclO7qGGyeM-Dr1Quc3qwWy9

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