Registered user field in database?

chgeorge 14 May, 2010
Hello there!

I want to use chronoforms for a poll. The poll is going to be visible only for the registered members. Now, is there a way to get them to vote only once? I mean is there an option such as user id or login name to add as a field in my database so as to see later in the excel file that member "john smith" voted only once (and if he voted twice to remove the second vote)?

Or is there another way to be used by registered members only once?

chgeorge 14 May, 2010
OK got it!It's the "cf_user_id" field!
GreyHead 14 May, 2010
Hi chgeorge,

Yes, that's it.

You can check at the beginning of the Form HTML to see if they've already voted and hide the form if they have.

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