Change Size of Submit Button?

RavingMad 20 Apr, 2010
I've spent nearly 3 hours searching this forum and making changes to CSS and I just cannot change the size of the submit button on the form. It's horribly tiny by default but no matter what I try I cannot get it to be bigger, even having it the size of a standard html button would be better than it is now. Someone please help.

The files where I've been making changes are style1.css, style1-ie6.css and style1-ie7.css
GreyHead 21 Apr, 2010
Hi RavingMad,

I'm not sure that Chonoforms has any affect on the Submit button CSS apart from the font-family and font-size. The other dimensions come from either your template or your browser.


PS FireBug in FireFox is an excellent tool for diagnosing CSS.
RavingMad 21 Apr, 2010
Thank you for the reply Bob, you know I had a sneaky suspicion that the template might be the cause of why nothing I was doing was having any effect. I'll dig a bit deeper today and will report back if I am successful. 😀
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