email excel database file automatically

sweet160 09 Mar, 2010
Hi Greyhead,

Once again I am in need of your infinite wisdom (about forms that is)

Could you tell me if there is a way to automatically send an excel file from the database storage to some addresses?

a lot!
GreyHead 09 Mar, 2010
Hi sweet160,

You can do this. You need to modify the code that ChronoForms uses to save the Excel file to a folder. You can then add it to an email or FTP it somewhere else if that is what you need. The code isn't too difficult but it's more than I can post here in a few minutes.

sweet160 09 Mar, 2010
Hi greyHead,

Thanks for you message, I wouldn't know how to start coding something like this,
do you have a suggestion how I can obtain this code?

Then where do I have to paste it?

sweet160 16 Mar, 2010
Hi Greyhead,

Could you help me with the code to send the exell file automatically every month,

I haven't got a clue how to do this.

Lots of thanks!
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