Problem with required fields....

sac5735 08 Oct, 2009
Hi all,

I have been using Chronoforms for awhile now and have never had this issue. I set my fields to be required and gave them the error message (*) if nothing is input, but for some reason my form is not validating the fields. A person can click the submit button and send an empty good. Can someone help me out here? Below is the link to the page:

Thanks in advance!
nml375 08 Oct, 2009
It would appear your form does not load the required js-libraries for the validation. However, loading your form outside the article without your template does enable script loading, while loading the form with the template does not. It would thus seem your template is somehow preventing any js-libraries from being included at all, and thus is at fault. I'm afraid I currently cannot be of much more help.

sac5735 09 Oct, 2009
Anyone else had this issue? If so, anyone know how I can fix?

GreyHead 09 Oct, 2009
Hi sac5735,

I guess the first step would be to look at the template, or talk to the template developer and see what it is doing to block the files from loading.

I'm afraid that this is not a ChronoForms problem and there is little we can do to help you. As Fredrik said - if you look at the form without the template everything is OK.

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