Upgrade Question

baxterdown 12 Jul, 2009
I am running V3.1_RC2 on a website. I need to upgrade CF to RC5.3 because I'm experiencing a couple of bugs. The upgrade instructions say I must uninstal and reinstall.

I'm a newbie, so I want to confirm that all I have to do is back up my forms (say to my desktop) unistall CF, install RC5.3 and restore the forms, right?

Thanks in advance for your help!

GreyHead 12 Jul, 2009
Hi baxterdown,

Cross your fingers

Back up the forms using the Backup Icon in the forms manager (you have to do each from separately).

AND backup all the jos_chrono. . . tables in the database


Install the new version

Update the plugin/mambot & module to the latest version if you are using them

Restore the database tables

Click the Upgrade SQL link in the Forms Manager

Restore any forms if necessary (they should have restored from the database restore)

Uncross your fingers . . .

baxterdown 17 Jul, 2009
Hi Bob,

This is how it went down...

Crossed fingers
Followed you instructions
Checked the forms, everything worked
Screamed really loud, did a little dance
Bumped into a friend later that night who asked why were my fingers crossed :mrgreen:
Just kidding on the last one!


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