File upload doesn't work because /tmp is not writable

ad63810 16 Jun, 2009

I installed chronoform on a web hosted site (siteground), but I found that
the file uploadind doesn't work. After debugging, I think I found the problem :

--> the file uploading uses a temporary directory "/tmp", this directory is
hard coded somewhere, and "/tmp" is not writable on siteground websites !!!

Do you know where can I change this setting ?

by the way : when do you expect to deliver a multi-language version of chrono form ?


nml375 16 Jun, 2009
Hi Alain,
The temporary upload path is usually set in the php.ini server configfile, and is known as 'upload_tmp_dir'. It can usually only be altered by the system admin. Since the upload handling in Php precedes any php-scripts (including Joomla and CF), there is no way for CF to work around this. If you are permitted to run CGI applications on your host, you could write a separate file upload handler, but other than that your best option would be to get in contact with your admins.

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