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How can I link more tables in the read data action in a chronoconnectivity7 form?

mayergreenberg259 posted Nov 17, 2023 at 06:16
I am using chronoforms 7.
I am using the "connectivity app" type of form.
In the Repo->actions section I am using the 'Read Data' drag and drop to display a database table in my form.
That all works fine.
I even used the model relations in advanced settings to display data from other tables in the form.

However, I am only able to use the model relations to link to tables that directly link to the original source table in the 'read data'.
Is there a way to link to a table that is itself linked to the model relations?

In other words, I have succeeded in including tables "B" and "C" (fictional names for tables) when they both link to source table "A". But I have not succeeded in including table "C" which links to "B" (through a foreign key) which links to "A" through a different foreign key. In such a case, how can I include data from "A", "B", and "C" in the table?
mayergreenberg259 posted Nov 20, 2023 at 14:13
Can anyone please help me with this?
I'll simplify the question:
I'd like to use the model relations to include another table with a foreign key based on the first table, and a 3rd table with a foreign key based on the 2nd table.
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