Calendar Field Bugs

Gatsman 22 Oct, 2022
I think there are 2 bugs with the calendar _field in Chronoforms 7. Both of these bugs are present in Joomla & Wordpress.
​1. Reopen the datepicker
If you select a date in the datepicker and _for some reason you want to immediately change that date you have to click outside the _field otherwise it will not reopen the datepicker (there is an animation example with the issue in the _first github link)
This is a known bug and the say that it has been _fixed in the nightly beta so it might be easy to _fix

2. Wrong display _format.
In the _field setup select Display Format as DD/MM/YYYY.
In the _form if you select the date in the datepicker it will set it correctly DD/MM/YYYY but if you write your date with the keyboard ex. 02/10/2022 (DD/MM/YYYY) it will change it to 10/02/2022 (MM/DD/YYYY) in the _field. (*if you write a date where the day is over 12 ex. 22/10/2022 it won't change it).

*For a very strange reason i had a very hard time posting this topic, every time a word starts with space and the letter _f when i save it gives me a 500 Internal Server Error and after some tries it bans my IP. That's the reason i have underscores before all lowercase _f
Colnem 23 Oct, 2022

1 & 2: not bug for me.

Have you the last version of Joomla and CF7? Your example is dated 2021.
Have you set Date Format and Real Format = DD/MM/YYYY?
Gatsman 23 Oct, 2022
Hi thanks for checking this.
So i am the only one that has this.

1. The example is from a search i did about this issue and i hoped that the problem would be something like: Old library used for Chronoforms.
2. Yes i have the Display Format as DD/MM/YYYY but i had the Real Format as YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss changing that to DD/MM/YYYY too but still get the same problem.
Colnem 23 Oct, 2022
For bug number 2, I have just tried with a contact form and the format date receveid in my mails are corrects.

If you save this date in a sql database field where the field is in format date, you have always the dates in YYYY/MM/DD. You have to use a varchar format field or rewrite the date after reading the field.
May be there is a param to set european format date in sql, but I don't know why.

I think that it is not a CF7 bug.
Gatsman 23 Oct, 2022
It has nothing to do with the data you receive after the submit (Real Format) The issue that i see is in the form field (Display Format) right after you write your date with the keyboard, not with the datepicker.
Please make one more check to make sure only i have this issue.
Colnem 24 Oct, 2022
Have you this bugs in front-end, in back-end or the booth?
Gatsman 24 Oct, 2022
The issue is only in the front-end.
I did a small video that shows both "bugs" that i have. The 01 at the start and 02 right after.
I just created a new Advanced Form and added a Calendar Field (i also added a custom CSS for the field max width, just for the video).
Colnem 24 Oct, 2022
OK. So, this is not a CF7 bug.
Try with Cassiopea template...
Gatsman 24 Oct, 2022
Thank you for double checking.
I have an installation of Joomla 4 with just chronoforms 7 and still get the same problems with the calendar so it must be something else, i ll keep trying.
Tef_71 30 Oct, 2022
​I don't known if it can help, but for me I have add this CCS and the popup doesn't appear anymore.

My calendar is on "Inline without field" display mode.
.ui.calendar .ui.popup {
visibility:hidden !important;
Gatsman 31 Oct, 2022
I got both issues with your _form too.

Thanks you but i would like to keep the datepicker too and let the user select in which way to set the date.

I could not _find out why it's doing this _for me, changing the browser language didn't _fix it, so i decided to move to html5 type=date and that solves both my problems.
Colnem 31 Oct, 2022

This was not a CF7 bug....
Rollo71 02 Dec, 2022
Hi, I'm having the same problem as you. Can you tell me how you solved it?
Gatsman 6d ago


Sorry for the very late reply. I used a normal text field and i added an attribute type=date to it.

Max_admin 4d ago

You can set the Text field type in v8, and v8 has a new calendar field which should not have these issues

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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