J4, CH7, TCPDF Error 500 on tcpdf.php:16901

StefaNovak 19 Oct, 2022
Hi there,

I have website on Joomla! 4.2.3, PHP 8.1.11 and Chronoforms 7.
I need to use TCPDF, so I have there a TCPDF library too.

When I run my form, I get 500 error.
In a debug mode I got this:
Compile Error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported

at /www/plugins/system/chronog3_plg/chronog3/vendors/tcpdf/tcpdf.php:16901
It is this part of code:
if (!empty($dom[$key]['value']) AND ($dom[$key]['value'][0] == 'h') AND (intval($dom[$key]['value']{1}) > 0) AND (intval($dom[$key]['value']{1}) < 7)) {

Would you be so kind and help me please to resolve it.
Thank you in advance.

rbock 31 Oct, 2022
try this:
StefaNovak 31 Oct, 2022
Thank you rbock,

Would you be so kind and tell me what do you mean?
Install another TCPDF library?
Could you tell me how, please?

Thank you in advance,
rbock 05 Nov, 2022
1. Download:
2. Rename on Server: plugins/system/chronog3_plg/chronog3/vendors/tcpdf to plugins/system/chronog3_plg/chronog3/vendors/tcpdf_
3. Create Folder plugins/system/chronog3_plg/chronog3/vendors/tcpdf
4. Extract Files from 1. an copy to plugins/system/chronog3_plg/chronog3/vendors/tcpdf (config, fonts,etc.)
5. Copy Folder lang from plugins/system/chronog3_plg/chronog3/vendors/tcpdf/examples to plugins/system/chronog3_plg/chronog3/vendors/tcpdf/config
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