Voucher mini e-shop with payment gateway, How to implement GPWebPay

StefaNovak 16 Dec, 2019
I want to make a voucher mini e-shop based on Chronoforms, and I would like to ask you for help.

1. I know how to prepare the form, voucher and its PDF version
2. I am not sure in a payment gateway implementation. It is a GPWebPay in my case.
3. I have to save the vouchers in two databases 1) Joomla and 2) a PostgreSQL - I think it is not too complicated, but your help is welcome.

To point 2) payment gateway: could you explain to me in human language how to implement it? Or is there someone who has experience with a GPWebPay or other payment gateway and is open to participate with me?
Thank you for quick replies.
healyhatman 16 Dec, 2019
To implement a payment gateway you're going to want to know how to code in PHP and have decent understanding of the core Chronoforms code, and a pretty good knowledge of Joomla. It's not really something that can be explained in "human language". I can do it for you, but it's not going to be cheap.
As to PostgreSQL - not sure I can help you out with that one sorry.
StefaNovak 17 Dec, 2019
Thank you for your kind reply and offer. I just wait for other replies.
StefaNovak 17 Dec, 2019
I understand that does not sound great: explaining in "human language". I know, that I need some knowledge of PHP, Joomla, etc. it is OK. But my English is not excellent, and I want to see if it is real and may be quick to implement by payment gateway in Chronoforms (the form with payment). If no, then it is a better way to use Virtuemart for my project.

healyhatman - how much it could be? I know, you need more details, but you know the ground.
Max_admin 26 Dec, 2019
Most Payment gateways use a redirect or CURL connection to receive the payment data then reply with a result, Chronoforms has a generic redirect and curl actions which you can use!
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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