Form validates but show no validation message

mkul7ra 26 Jun, 2019
Hello everybody,

I use Chronoforms V5 and Joomla 3.9.8. When I call the forum directly via everything works. If I use the content plugin, the validation messages will not work anymore. The form validates, but no error messages appear. Has anyone an idea of the reasons why? Link:

greetings Mario
mkul7ra 26 Jun, 2019
I set set the form Action URL manually to
but no validation messages apear
GreyHead 26 Jun, 2019
Hi Mario,

Please add &event=submit to the end of the Action URL - otherwise it will just reload the form.

mkul7ra 02 Jul, 2019
Hi Greyhead,

this is now the ActionUrl i use:
But the problem is the same: The form do the validation job, but shows no Validation message.

Do you have another suggestion?

Greetings MArio
GreyHead 02 Jul, 2019
Hi Mario,

The messages are there but they are shown down at the bottom right corner of the page - if I show the form full-screen in my browser I can just see them. My guess is that there is some conflicting CSS on the page that needs to be fixed.

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