Activation code for joomla user registration

amatenator 25 Mar, 2019
Dear all,

I have created a form for custom user registration in joomla using chronoform v6. I would like the user to be activated via activation link sent by email.

The user is created and the email sent but the activation link is not working (it always sends this link:

I have based my form on the Demo form: Joomla user registration. However this form has an action that I can not find in the list of actions and therefore I can not add in my form. The action is Save to session after Validate Fields (see image).
I don't know if this might be the problem.

The code I'm using on the email sent to the user is: Activation link: {url.full:activate$code=(session:activation_code)}

Any hints on that?

Max_admin 25 Mar, 2019
Hi Anna,

Your form has an event called "activate" under the "setup" section ?

Best regards
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
amatenator 26 Mar, 2019
Hi Max,

No. I have tried also the event "User activation" under Joomla events.

This is what my form setup has:

And the email user:

This is what I have tried in the email body but non of them seems to work as activation link:
Activation link: {url.full:activate$code=(session:activation_code)}
Activation link2: {url.full:activate$code=(session:uuid:NAME)}
Activation link3: {url.full:activate$code=(session:uuid)}
Activation link4: {url.full:activate$code=(uuid:NAME)}
Activation link5: {url.full:activate$code=(uuid:)}

amatenator 26 Mar, 2019
Sorry, I have tried to insert the activate event and now the link is correctly send.
However I still have a problem. The user is already activated before clicking the link.
The user is create with activated=yes and enabled=false

I have set the following user configuration
healyhatman 26 Mar, 2019
In your save_USER action, what is your activation code data source set to?
healyhatman 26 Mar, 2019
Is the save to session action BEFORE the user activation? And you don't have the user activation action in the same submit event do you?
amatenator 26 Mar, 2019
In the submit event I have (in order):
Validate Fields
Save User (joomla)
Save Data (to anther custom table)
Email to user (Activation email)

Activate event:
User activation
healyhatman 26 Mar, 2019
And where is the save to session action in the submit event?
amatenator 26 Mar, 2019
I don't have it (see my first post) I have seen this action on the demo but I don't know how to implement it since I don't see it in the Action menu on the left.
joaoparao 26 Mar, 2019
Hi, i have the same trouble: where is the "Save to session" action?!?face-meh-blank
healyhatman 26 Mar, 2019
Huh you're right in the latest version it's simply not there.

MAXX: What's going on buddy?

For now though set the activation provider in your joomla user action to {uuid:} and every other place you've used {session:activation} replace it with {var:joomla_user3.activation}
amatenator 26 Mar, 2019

If someone has a similar problem this is my finally setup:
Activation link on the email:

Activation link7: {url.full:activate$code=(var:joomla_user3.activation)}

Max_admin 27 Mar, 2019

The "save to session" action was removed because its not needed, you can now use the "Data builder" action, set the type to "session" and the values to:
Best regards
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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