HTML View in CC6 Table to display image

vividal 21 Dec, 2018
I am having an issue with an HTML view I am using to display and image in a table. I have the images uploaded to the server and the are referenced correctly in the table that i am pulling from. If I just reference the field using the standard Model.Field (Standings.logofile), it displays the file name (Field) correctly. What I want to do is place the image that corresponds to the file name for each record in that records row. I understand the HTML code using img src but when I reference the field the way I think it should be I get blank.

To reference the field I am using {var:read_standings.row.Standings.logofile} If I use {var:read_standings.2.Standings.logofile} I get the image file for row[2] on all rows.

Help with what the syntax should be is greatly appreciated.

healyhatman 03 Jan, 2019
Is read_standings the name of your data read, or the name of your table view? Because it needs to be the name of the table view.
vividal 04 Jan, 2019
thx, read_standings is the data read and not the table view, can't believe I missed that. Must have been staring at it too long.
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