Unstyled Submit Button Choice PLEASE!

Minnie Mouse 30 Nov, 2018
this seems like it should be a no-brainer. can you please provide an option for a completely unstyled submit button. So that then we can apply the styles from UIKit for instance and have the button easily match the rest of the site. it would not take much to add that as an option for the color selector. the biggest challenge I suppose would be moving all the styling not applied by class to the button off the master styles so that it was really unstyled when the unstyled option is selected. Thanks! this would make life so much easier.
healyhatman 30 Nov, 2018
If you're that desperate, just put it in yourself with HTML. The button HTML is just
<button class="ui button green" type="submit" name="button9" id="button9" value="">Submit</button>
Minnie Mouse 30 Nov, 2018
I know how to write a button thanks, that is not the point.
1. There are still styles that apply (due to cascade) even without any of the classes you included above that come embedded in the chronoengine framework. I need to override them as well which takes some time.
2. This is a suggestions area and having it be an option makes sense. I could write and program the whole form in html and code it, if I wanted to. Chronoforms speeds up my work process and I can pass that on to a client.
healyhatman 30 Nov, 2018
Well then you need to ask Semantic UI for an unstyled option but from googling it's not that simple, you'll probably either have to override them manually or use a plugin to force your site's CSS to load after the Semantic UI files.

Or edit the CSS files and add ":not .unstyled" to every entry
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