User login (hiden field) and multiplier

fredza 05 Dec, 2015

In Chronoform 5
How to insert in a hiden field the user login Joomla.

This field is it send by mail ?

Another question :

In my form (multiplier form)
How to send by mail all fields and contain.

Thanks for the response
GreyHead 05 Dec, 2015
Hi fredza,

What do you want in the hidden field exactly? This FAQ mayhelp.

Please see this FAQ for the multipler - check the Repeater code at the end.

fredza 05 Dec, 2015

Thanks for the response.

In the hidden field, I would the username (Joomla Username login), my site is only accessible to register user.

GreyHead 05 Dec, 2015
Hi Frédéric,

As in the FAQ
$juser = \JFactory::getUser();
$form->data['username'] = $juser->username();

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