TCPDF bug in chronoforms5

esposito84 08 Oct, 2015
sorry for my english, i installed tcpdf (version for joomla 3)in chronoform 5, but i have 2 problem. I resolved the first and now i want to publishe for another people that have this problem and second problem.
1 problem disabilited header and footer in pdf file:
in my version the file that modificated is administrator/components/com_chronoforms5/chronoform/actions/tcpdf/tcpdf.php
and add this line:
at line 114 before $pdf->AddPage();
this problem is resolved

2° problem tcpdf blok my form, i found that it is a bug that resolved add a condition but i can't resolve it.
GreyHead 08 Oct, 2015
Hi esposito84,

I'm not clear what the second problem is?? Is it that actions after the TCPDF action are not executed? If so then either:

a) make the TCPDF action the last action - you need to do this if you want immediate download as ChronoForms loses control once the download is triggered. Or

b) set the TCPDF action to save the file to the server and NOT download immediately. Then the other actions will be run and you an show a download link (or force a download) from a later action.

esposito84 08 Oct, 2015
hi bob thank you for your quekly,
i want after the people generate a pdf and dowload it continue the form; choise a email where send pdf e after sent it.
GreyHead 08 Oct, 2015
Hi esposito84,

Save the PDF to the server and then you can attach it to an email and send it where you like.

esposito84 08 Oct, 2015
Thank you very much,

if I set to dowload the form finish. Sorry bob another 2 question:

1) i can't to attact image in a pdf; this is code of contents. in the code there isn't mistake but pdf doesn'show a image(i use this code inchronoconnectivity and it is work):

$x = $form->data['azienda'];

$db =& JFactory::getDBO();

$query = 'SELECT `logo`, `ragione_sociale`, `via`, `numero`, `cap`, `citta`, `provincia`, `p_iva`, `prefisso_tel`, `tel`, `prefisso_fax`, `fax`, `sito`, `email`, `modalita`, `banca`, `iban`

FROM `sinc_chronoengine_chronoforms_datatable_dati_azienda`

WHERE `id`='.$x;


$nomes = $db->loadRow();

echo "<img src='".JURI::root()."/components/com_chronoforms5/chronoforms/uploads/dati_azienda/".$nomes[0]."' style='max-width:500px' />";


2) This is my second time in a blog and i don't know how to set as solved.
GreyHead 08 Oct, 2015
Hi esposito84,

Please try removing the \ before components as JURI::site() includes the trailing slash.

esposito84 08 Oct, 2015
hi Bob,
doesn't working, i'm looking for a blog or tutial but i can't find id. the code is good i think becouse i use the same in the chronoconnectivity and work fine. Have you another idea or know some tutorial about it?
Thanks so much.
GreyHead 11 Oct, 2015
Hi esposito84,

The code you found should include an image in the body of the pdf but not in the Header - I see that you worked out a hack to do that.

esposito84 12 Oct, 2015
Thanks bob, i tryed to read image in the body for twoday. I tryed also to "print" with tcpdf the windows of chronoforms but the image doesn't show in the pdf. Then, i read the code and i find the tcpdf logo and for me is better becouse i must do a invoice :-). the method is rude but it works :-).
thank you so much, You are always present
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