Forms does not work for registered users

pgrgrl 29 Jul, 2015
I have a form that works for me when I click on "test form" from the back end, but it does not work when I try it from the front end as a logged in user. This form is linked to a menu item that is only visible to registered user group.

The form has only: On Load HTML (render form) and then on submit Email and Display Message.

I was having trouble with this form before and we thought it was because of caching and spam controls, but I have now removed all spam controls and it still doesn't work for users. This was my old thread:

Is this a Caching problem even with no spam controls in use on the form?
In Global Configuration, I have Caching: ON (conservative caching) Cache Handling: File Cache Time: 5
GreyHead 30 Jul, 2015
Hi pgrgrl,

What exactly do you mean by 'does not work'?

pgrgrl 30 Jul, 2015
The user enters the info into the form. When you click Submit, the form does not submit and you do not get the message that it is submitted, it just reloads the form again with all of the users information still in the fields.
pgrgrl 30 Jul, 2015
Also, it is not possible to run debug because the form does not submit at all.
pgrgrl 31 Jul, 2015
Okay, the quick fix of setting the relative URL to "No" did not work.

When I view the page source, it is showing the form action="/Menu Link Name?chronoform=form name
Instead of the full URL of the form.

Is it necessary to make a hidden menu to fix this or can I set the current visible menu item to direct properly?
pgrgrl 31 Jul, 2015
I made the hidden menu item.

When I hit submit once, the same thing happens as before, the page reloads without submitting.

When I hit submit again, then the form it submitted, I get the success message, and the email is sent.

How do I fix it so that I don't have to submit twice?
pgrgrl 31 Jul, 2015
Nevermind, I got it!

Removed "Submit" from Submit Event in HTML Render form and left that field blank, and now it submits on the first try.

Thank you!!
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