Introducing ChronoForms v5


ChronoForms v5 has just been launched at the end of 2013. It is a major rebuild using many of the ideas and methods developed in ChronoForms v4. This FAQ describes some of the new features and the differences.

The main differences in ChronoForms v5 are behind the scenes;

  • There is a new code 'framework' that is used to support ChronoForms v5 and ChronoConnectivity v5. This framework makes the code more rpbust and also more independent of Joomla! It is because of this framework that it is now possible to run ChronoForms on a WordPress site using the same forms and interface as on a Joomla! site.
  • ChronoForms v5 now makes extensive use of jQuery in the Forms Manager; this is consistent with both Joomla! and WordPress and will allow the addition of more jQuery based features in the future.


There is an experimental upgrade path from ChronoForms v4 to ChronoForms v5. You can test this by using Backup from CFv4 and Restore in CFv5. (There is no upgrade path from ChronoForms v3 to CFv4 or CFv5.)