How can I get help for ChronoForms?

There are several places that you can get help for ChronoForms or ChronoConnectivity. Here's a list of the main ones.
Start with these FAQs, new information is added to them fairly regularly if the question is asked frequently enough. The filter boxes on the FAQs page let you limit your search to a single FAQ category, or to all FAQs; and to search on a word or phrase. The search box is a full-text search of the FAQ text so checking with a word that is typical for your query will probably narrow down your search.
The next step is to go to the Forums. There is an enormous amount of information there but searching can be more difficult as the built-in search isn't very clever. Try the ChronoSearch on my site at greyhead.net linked through the Tutorials link above. This is a custom Google search that covers this site, including the FAQs and forums as well as the Joomla! document site.
If you don't find an answer please post a question in the forums. That is usually the quickest way to get an answer. Short questions that explain clearly what the problem is and include any necessary debug code or form links will probably get answered more quickly.
If you don't get an answer in the forums or have a question that has some element of privacy or is about a subscription or purchse then you can use the Contact Us link above. Questions here that could have been asked in the forums will usually take a lower priority than forum posts.