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Files upload and attaching them to email

jaak , January 07 2015

My files upload setup:

    1. On form is file upload field with name: file36
    2. On form setup:
    I add to form submit event:
    Files Upload - Files config:file36:jpg-png-gif
    Files upload - Onsuccess event Handle Arrays - Fields list:file36
    E-mail - Attachment fields:file36

    File is correctly uploaded and sended to e-mail.

Then I switch in Form Designer Files Upload configuration Multiple - Yes and add
  • to field name, the upload and attaching files to e-mail failing.

    On setup tab i probing field names in configuration parameters in two ways; file36 or file36
  • , but nothing helps. There I make mistake or miss some parameters in case of attempting to upload multiple files?

    Jaak Ivask