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Can't send email

scagnoz , December 22 2014, 18:24
scagnoz 7
December 22 2014, 18:24 #340718
Hi everybody,
I can't mails from my Altervista hosted website. What's intriguing me it's that my debug output is here below, but I can't understand where CF gets this values like "" since I set up the value from Global settings i a completely different way (as from email I declared "", for example...).
No error message, the form says that the email has been sent, but no emails, even in the Spam folder.
I've got the same problem both with a form designed by me and a demo form supplied by CF.
The test code
echo 'email inviata correttamente';
else echo 'Errore!';

instead works perfectly...

Anyone can help?

Thank you all!

[1] => Array
[Email] => Array
[0] => An email with the details below was sent successfully:
[1] =>
[2] => Subject:Your Subject Goes Here
[3] => From name:Admin
[4] => From
[5] => CC:
[6] => BCC:
[7] => Reply name:
[8] => Reply email:
[9] => Attachments:
[10] => Body:
<div class="gform-all"><div class="gform-section"><div class="gform-line-tr" id="ftr-name"><div class="gform-line-td" id="ftd-name"><label for="name" class="gform-label-left">Name</label>
<div class="gform-input-container gform-input" id="fin-name">Michele</div></div></div><div class="gform-line-tr" id="ftr-email"><div class="gform-line-td" id="ftd-email"><label for="email" class="gform-label-left">Email</label>
<div class="gform-input-container gform-input" id="fin-email"></div></div></div><div class="gform-line-tr" id="ftr-subject"><div class="gform-line-td" id="ftd-subject"><label for="subject" class="gform-label-left">Subject</label>
<div class="gform-input-container gform-input" id="fin-subject">Fatal error: Call to undefined function phpdefined()</div></div></div><div class="gform-line-tr" id="ftr-message"><div class="gform-line-td" id="ftd-message"><label for="message" class="gform-label-left">Message</label>
<div class="gform-input-container gform-input" id="fin-message">wtrf</div></div></div><div class="gform-line-tr" id="ftr-submit5"><div class="gform-line-td" id="ftd-submit5">
<div class="gform-input-container gform-input" id="fin-submit5"></div></div></div></div></div><br /><br />IP:



You can see my demoform here with debug activated