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Data Array Error

Aralk , September 23 2014, 11:40
Aralk 1
September 23 2014, 11:40 #336583
I would like to ask for a help:

I have form with tabs on web sites. As I am trying to make form after 4 years and I am I can say beginner, I have several problems and I cannot move on.. : o (

FIrstly: When user fills form and submits it he/she recieves Data Array Error and on web site are visible windows about this array.. I cannot get rid of it and do not know where a mistake is. I tried to find solution both here and on web but unsuccessfully..

Secondly I have set database for form, but I do not know where I can see entered data by user... It is not visible in admin, I did not find it on FTP..

I have several another problems both with form setting (xml export..) and fields setting (country list is not worjing for example for me..), too

Could somebody help me? Is here any possibility for paid help for make my form and database working? I am totaly unhappy from it and need it for my own project very badly..

Thanky you all for advices..

The array mistake is visible here:

teldrive 520
October 14 2014, 18:18 #337433
Hi Aralk, i tried to sign up on your web and i didn't received any form, may be this is one of the mistakes you comment, i have just finished a big project with CC and CF(and a lot of help of Max and Bob ;-) and i think we can help you, please contact us in and we can approach how collaborate, regards