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form creation

adrilopez , June 16 2014, 19:51
adrilopez 1
June 16 2014, 19:51 #331996
I need to create a registration form. With this form I need to get user data, receive a confirmation email both to me and the user, store the data on a database table.
Also, In the field birthdate need to calculate the age. The legal age to continue filling the form is greater than 17 years to 25 years. If not in this range then the other fields and can not be filled and send.
GreyHead 64
June 17 2014, 09:22 #332023
Hi adrilopez,

The code to calculate an age from a date of birth was posted here a week or two ago if you look for it. It's in PHP so suitable for serverside validation after the form is submitted.

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