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Membership Form & Form about Classifieds Labor Supply And Demand

Yannis_D , April 07 2014, 19:45
Yannis_D 1
April 07 2014, 19:45 #328422
Dear Sirs,

I have just started creating a new site about the Unemployment in my country. They have asked me to contain a Membership Form & a Form about Classifieds Labor Supply And Demand with buttons and frames to check.
I have heard the best about ChronoForms but it's the first time i use it.
What I really have been asked to create, is the Word file included in this message.

With Respect
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GreyHead 64
April 10 2014, 10:42 #328598
Hi Yannis,

I'm not clear what you need to do here. Is it to create a form that looks like the Word document? Or to output data from a form into a Word document.

Both are possible.

To build the form you'll need to add some custom HTML to do the layout.

To save to Word document you can use Custom Code to create an HTML layout for the document then save that as a file of type .doc

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