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New to Chrono

kabita , February 11 2014

I am new to Chrono Form

I check the have installed ChronoConnectivity_V4_RC3.2_J1.6 and chrono form to my joomla 2.5 website

With the help of the below tutorial I created the editable form

but when I tried to view the form and click on edit link getting error message
"There is no connection with this name or may be the connection is not published, Please check the available connections in the Connections Manager."

My front view form link is

chrono form link is

Your help will be appreciated
Hi Kabita,

I think this is a problem with SEF URLs. If you look at the edit links they are like
There is nothing there to properly link to the form, This topic has come up before but I'm afraid that I don't remember the fix for it, if you search the forums you may find it, If not, please contact Max using the Contact Us link above to see if he can help.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Thank Bob
I send an email by contact us form and could not find any link for SEF topic
Hi Bob

I tried to add the form to menu
Now the error message is not showing but it is not show the link form,please help what I am doing worng
Does your system have php5.3? if yes then I suggest using CCv5 instead, it has less problems with SEF links.

If the link to form is not showing then your config has some problems, please post a screenshot.

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