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Field definitions

TedMyers , May 10 2013, 15:48
TedMyers 3
May 10 2013, 15:48 #310994
On the "Designer | Edit Element Settings" page the are areas for "Field Value", "Class", and "Style". What are they and how are they used?

admin 29
May 10 2013, 16:25 #310999

They are the "value", "class" and "style" attributes of the field!

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TedMyers 3
May 10 2013, 17:31 #311012
Ok, but what do "value", "class" and "style" attributes do? what do they mean?
GreyHead 64
May 10 2013, 21:16 #311020
Hi Ted,

You really need an HTML tutorial for that. In brief, the 'class' attribute is used to identify of form elements usually so that CSS styling can be applied to them; the 'style' attribute is use to apply in-line CSS styles to a particular element; and the 'value' attribute hold the value of a form element e.g. the user input text for a text input.

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