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ChronoForms v4 RC 3.5 & 3.5.1

GreyHead , September 12 2012
Max released a new version 4 RC 3.5.1 of the Extension for both Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6/1.7/2.5 The current plug-in and module version is v4 RC 3.0

Please upgrade if you are using any earlier ChronoForms v4 release as there are bug-fixes in the release. You can upgrade ChronoForms v4 by installing the new release over the existing one.

There is a bug & fix list for this release here.


Note: a full list of Forms actions is here

Changes in CFv4 RC 3.5
These are in the order that I found them by doing a file comparison with RC 3.4.1; not in order of importance.

  • action - added new 'auto add error' option

  • ChronoConnectivity return action - minor change to routing

  • New Custom Event Switcher action "Run PHP code and switch the execution path based on the result" allows you to switch between different form events.

  • New 'Data/DB Operations' actions group combining Session and DB related actions.

  • Minor changes to Multi-line CSS

  • Added escape code to DB action WHERE clauses

  • Added 'fine name path' option to File Downloader action

  • Many changes to Image Resize action - I think these fix the suffix bug, I'm not clear what else has changed.

  • Added 'user data path' option to Joomla! Registration action plus other changes to user data handling.

  • Extensive changed to Joomla! User Save action (including the changes in the previous item).

  • Added refresh option to Captcha image.

  • Removed case sensitivity from Security Question action.

  • Added 'Submit to self' option to Show HTML action

  • Extensive changes to Upload Files action - mostly I think to handle multiple file uploads better

  • New 'Form Widgets' capability??

  • New 'Widget Multi-Upload' action.

  • Removed some base64 encoding.

  • Minor changes to index.html files

  • Many other small changes . . .
  • [/list:o]

    Changes in CFv4 RC 3.5.1
    This release added a security check line to all files to prevent them being called directly and made a few other minor bugfixes.
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