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First time in v4 - How the heck do I edit labels?

Jim Nayzium , February 26 2012, 18:03
Jim Nayzium 39
February 26 2012, 18:03 #267822
Seems like a stupid question - but just installed v4 on a 2.5 fresh install from ---

I have used Cforms dozens of times wonderfully but never v4 on 2.5 --- not sure I love the layout changes but I will get used to it...

BUT I cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit the labels -- I can create a form just fine by dragging and dropping the stuff -- but in Safari 5.03 on Mac OSX.5.8 there is no findable way (by me) to edit the labels without actually editing the source code. Surely you didn't remove that functionality -- I just can't find it.

Jim Nayzium 39
February 26 2012, 18:08 #267823
I did find the label edit just now finally - but cannot find where to edit the text on a HEADER ?

For those wondering it's now the case that you have to click the button beside the red-x on the right side in wizard mode as opposed to the older (much easier way) of seeing all that information already upon clicking the form element. Not sure why this change happened as it injects more clicking into the equation.
GreyHead 64
February 26 2012, 18:15 #267824
Hi Jim Nayzium ,

There are a series of videos here that will help you get started with CFv4.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Jim Nayzium 39
February 26 2012, 20:45 #267832
Thanks Greyhead!

However, in that video series I still didn't find how to change the Header text without editing the HTML version of the code.

I found the label stuff for sure -- and I am working my around this new version better now sort of -- but still stymied by the header text.
Jim Nayzium 39
February 26 2012, 21:21 #267835
OK - I clicked the PURE CODE button - and then put the <h tags in to the box below it --- just seems terribly UN-intuitive and I am fairly good at figuring out how to use stuff usually.

But there is the solution to any one interested ---

Click the PURE-CODE button then just code the H tags manually into the little box below the button.