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Form not displaying

sernu , January 18 2008, 00:58
sernu 2
January 18 2008, 00:58 #4995
I'm using the mambot to display a form inside a vituemart content, but it's not working. Instead it just appear {chronocontact}form1{/chronocontact}.

The plugin is enabled.

Any suggestion,

GreyHead 64
January 18 2008, 01:46 #4999
Hi sernu,

As far as I can see the current release of VirtueMart doesn't support mambots. There's a hack here and the page also suggests that the 1.1 version currently in beta will have mambot support.

Bob<br><br>Post edited by: GreyHead, at: 2008/01/17 20:47
ChronoForms technical support
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sernu 2
January 18 2008, 02:02 #5001
thank you