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Installing the licensed version

mbeedub , November 06 2007, 07:13
mbeedub 9
November 06 2007, 07:13 #3469
I've just purchased the licensed version ($25 is such a great price for all the hours this is going to save me).

However, when I come to install it is fails saying:

Another component is already using directory: "E:\Sites\Single4\appcode\webroot\film\components\com_chronocontact\"

Unsurprising I suppose since I have the download version already installed.

What's the best way to install the licensed version without losing the existing forms I've created.

GreyHead 64
November 06 2007, 13:41 #3470
Hi meedub,

The simple answer for any upgrade is that you just need to FTP the new files over the existing ones. In this case, if you are using a licensed copy of the same version, then you can just upload and overwrite /components/com_chronocontact/chronocontact.html.php

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