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Thank You page - removing Next >>

mbeedub , November 06 2007, 07:01
mbeedub 9
November 06 2007, 07:01 #3468
I'm still in awe of just how good this component is.

Anyway, I've created a "Contact" section in Joomla with two items of content in that section. Contact Us (which uses the mambot to include a contact form) and a "Thank You" content item as per the FAQ.

Linking to it as per the instructions works fine but when the page comes up it has a "Next >>" link at the bottom - which links to the Contact Page.

How do I remove that Next >> link>

Many thanks
GreyHead 64
November 06 2007, 14:25 #3471
Hi mbeedub,

You probably want to have the Thank You page (or maybe both pages) as a static content. I think that the 'Next >>' s Joomla's way of letting you page through the section.

ChronoForms technical support
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admin 28
November 07 2007, 18:30 #3492
The Next links have some global option to be changed at the joomla global config, and I "think" at the section menu settings if you have one, and I "think" per every content item too


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