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Lost all forms with update

HurricaneDan , November 06 2007, 03:52
HurricaneDan 5
November 06 2007, 03:52 #3463
I had Chronoforms 2.0 install on a joomla 1.0.13 build. I updated to 2.3.5 and all of my forms are gone.

Is there a way to get this back? Are the forms stored in some folder or are all form information stored in the database?


admin 28
November 06 2007, 04:04 #3464
Hi Dan,

Iam sorry to hear this but how did you update ? through the joomla installer ? If you uninstalled the V2.0 then unfortunately the database table contained the forms has gone and you have lost all your forms code and config!!


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