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Simplest way to make a field mandatory?

lbucher , October 18 2007, 20:42
lbucher 5
October 18 2007, 20:42 #2913

I have working forms now and wish to make some of the fields mandatory- or else the user cannot submit the information.

Can I just add code to the Form Code area or is this a more complicated process?

Thanks in advance-
GreyHead 64
October 18 2007, 22:11 #2914
Hi Leslie,

The simplest way to do this in ChronoForms is to use the Validation tab and put a comma separated list of field names e.g. name,email,field1, . . . into the 1 required (not blank) field.

Note that Validation uses the class attribute of the field to show errors and you may find you ahve a problem if you have class attributes for these fields in your html code.


PS You also need to have a recent release of ChronoForms as some of the earlier versions had some bugs in Validation.<br><br>Post edited by: GreyHead, at: 2007/10/18 18:12
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