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HELP! It quit sending / I can't download update

laurel , October 17 2007, 02:25
laurel 29
October 17 2007, 02:25 #2849
:ohmy: Hi, one of my forms quit emailing in August. I cannot find anything wrong with my setup. Or even see any changes I would have made. I didn't find an answer in the forums, but I see there is a newer version, but I was going to try upgrading before I posted here. However, it won't let me download. It says I have to login, although I *am* logged in. Please help; I know this has been broken for a couple of months but they just told me today, and they expect a fix today! Thanks!<br><br>Post edited by: laurel, at: 2007/10/17 00:14
GreyHead 64
October 17 2007, 04:44 #2853
Hi laurel,

The latest version 2.3.4 should download without needing a logon. I see that the earlier versions don't any more.


PS Download link is here<br><br>Post edited by: GreyHead, at: 2007/10/17 00:44
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