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Not working ChronoForm Menu

ksorman , October 16 2007, 11:39
ksorman 23
October 16 2007, 11:39 #2827
Please ignore earlier post, I couldn't figure out how to upload attachment at 440 px wide. Now this post, should include that: -

I'm now using Joomla 1.5, and have just downloaded the BETA release of ChoronoForm.

Installation worked fine, however when I go to Components - ChronoForms - Form Manager...

All I see is the ChronoForms Menu - but when I click on a button (I've tried all) nothing comes up. The only one that seems to work is Validation, where by a box pops up and is far over on the right side.

Any ideas - and how do I get this to work?

Also, do I need a new lisence for the new release?

Many thanks, please get back to me ugently. I have also attached a screen shot of what I see, for you; which I hope will explain what I see.

Thanks in advance, Karen
admin 27
October 16 2007, 23:04 #2836
Hi Karen,

I see no screenshots, are you using IE or FF ? please try it with firefox if you are using IE and let me know the results!


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ksorman 23
October 17 2007, 00:36 #2843
Hi Max & Bob,
I have sent you a email with the screen shot, as for some reason couldn't make it work in the forum....
Look forward to hearing from you, Karen