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New to Joomla & Forms. . . Please help!

lbucher , October 11 2007, 01:16
lbucher 5
October 11 2007, 01:16 #2734
I am building my 1st joomla site using a template and am now working to include forms for contact purposes. Basic stuff, I think?

But I am stuck trying to embed the chronoform within a page where the Component item is "Contacts". I want the graphics and info from the "Contacts" page to stay and add the form below.

I guess my question is whether I can have multiple components on the same page- or how can I integrate the 2 into 1?

I want my header graphic and user menu (currently at top and left respectively) to appear on my chronoforms page as well. How should I do this?

Any help is much appreciated.

I have attached 2 images- one of my form and one of what I want the page above my form to look like.
GreyHead 64
October 11 2007, 16:10 #2743
Hi lbucher,

Normally the way to embed a form into another page is to use the ChronoForms mambot. Have you tried this? I'm not sure how it woudl work on the exisiting Contacts page though - maybe someone else can suggest a better solution?

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