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Recieve text in another language

crugh , October 09 2007, 12:34
crugh 4
October 09 2007, 12:34 #2660

Our international school uses Chrono Forms for our contacts and the site is in English. Every now and then we get a message sent by parents written in Korean. How can I have the Korean characters sent through chronofroms so we can read the message?

I have tried adding this to the form "<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=euc-kr" />" but this didn't work.

Thanks in advance
crugh 4
October 10 2007, 09:08 #2688
I found the answer. If I set the database on the server to allow character sets from that language then it shows up in the email.
admin 29
October 10 2007, 10:48 #2697
Glad its working well now

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