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ChronoForms v 2.3.4 released

GreyHead , October 02 2007
I've been away so this is a late announcement, sorry!

Changes in 2.3.4 from 2.3RC1
    [*]Restore & Delete record added to the Admin toolbar[/*][*]Cancel added to the Admin Config toolbar[/*][*]Added Admin 'Delete record' functionality[/*][*]Improved 'Table doesn't exist' error handling[/*][*]Changed MySQL 'Type/Engine' option to be by form[/*][*]Bug-fixes to Excel export[/*][*]Added 'Enable mambots' option to General tab in Form Manager[/*][*]Added the ability to preserve form data and re-show the form on error[/*][*]Fixed bug that made all validated fields 'required'[/*][*]Blocked direct access to the return url[/*][*]Modified session manangment for Imageverification[/*][*]Added capacity for CC & BC addresses in General & Special fields tabs[/*][*]Added debug verification for 'email sent'[/*][*]Added file-suffix error checking to form restore[/*][*]Removed unused 'Publish' options[/*][*]Added show data or Create table options by form[/*][*]Minor bug-fixes to ImageVerification code[/*]
Note: this is an unofficial list of changes compiled from a file comparison between 2.3RC1 and 2.3.4

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Here's a version of the ChronoForms 2.3.4 release repackaed for FTP uploading to upgrade an existing installation. All of the files are included here though you only need to upload files that have changed since the version you have installed.

NB there was a database change in v2.2.1 so you should not use this to update earleri versions without updating your database tables.

[file size=177273][/file]
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much