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ChronoForms v4 for Joomla! 1.5/1.6/1.7 RC2.0 bug fixes

GreyHead , September 02 2011
This is a note of reported bugs in ChronoForms v4 RC 2.0

  • Bizzynate reported that some new attributes in the HTML make the code fail W3C validation. See this post.

  • And three more HTML problems here.

  • The default value setting for a radio box group doesn't work. Fix is here

  • If there are two DB Saves in the same form linked to different tables then the second one will not save. Fix is here

  • There are several reports of problems with the Captcha never accepting correct entries (see here for example); and with Captcha failing after a switch from Easy to Advanced Wizard (see here). No fixes for these so far.

  • [ Fixed in RC3.0 ] Lowkyrun noticed that the Data Republisher fails when textareas contain '$0' . . . '$9'. See this post for a fix.

  • [ Fixed in RC3.0 ] Castagnier found and fixed a problem with republishing results from check-box groups, Aardvark found a similar problem with multi-select boxes. Fixes for both are here.

  • [ Fixed in RC3.0 ] The Email action has a small problem. If there is more than one email action only the debug messages for the last one display.

  • It's not possible to get vertical checkbox or radio button groups to align with other form elements. There is a fix here.

  • [ Fixed in RC3.0 ] The Auto-serverside validation action incorrectly adds a 'required' vaidation to most checks. See this post

  • The File Type list in the File Uploads action is case sensitive so you need e.g. both JPG and jpg to be included.

  • There is a Joomla! bug that adds the admin email address to any Reply To email address used. (the bug has been reported). See this post for a description and fix to the Joomla! code.

  • There is a Joomla! bug that gives a "Language string failed to load: invalid_address" message. Please check that the From email address in the site Global configuration matches the site domain. I found a workaround here on the RS Forms site; and a discussion in the Joomla! forums here

  • [ Fixed in RC3.0 ] The Captcha verification will always fail if the name of the Captcha input is changed. The fix is to make the input readonly or better to change it to a hidden input. In administrator/components/com_chronoforms/form_elements/input_captcha.php at line 27 replace 'type' => 'text' with 'type' => 'hidden' (and for the id on line 28).

  • There is a bug in the event labelling of the DB Record Loader action; the two 'On Fail' events are reversed. Please see this post for a fix and more info.
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