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save data function won't save "data overrides" setting

riccardoc , January 11 2021, 15:42
riccardoc 52
January 11 2021, 15:42 #395642
Hello, I'm writing a block where I read from a table then evaluate some data in a PHP function and at last save them using "Save Data". To do that I set up the Data overrides like this
after saving it works fine but when I open the block again the situation is like this
and so it doesn't work anymore, where I'm wrong with it?
riccardoc 52
January 13 2021, 14:18 #395658
Any idea?
admin 32
January 15 2021, 03:53 #395673
this happens every time you open the form for editing ? which browser do you use ?
could you please try v7 on the same website, check if has the same issue or not ?
riccardoc 52
January 15 2021, 08:09 #395678
Thanks Max, I work with Chrome but also tested Firefox and Safari with the same result, if I just save the block after editing the settings are immediately lost, if I use the save & close button it seems to work since the form works correctly but the first time the block is opened for editing the settings are reseted to default.
Sorry but I can't use v7 for now, I don't have time to study it in this period, I'll start using the new version after the Winter when I'll be less busy.