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Technical requirements

FloB , January 06 2021, 21:40
FloB 197
January 06 2021, 21:40 #395586
I didn't find informations on server/database requirements that would fit for CF and CC.
My website is working on a server php 7.3
Could I change for php 8.0 and CF/CC would still work ?
It is a Joomla!3.9 website. Are CF and CC Joomla!4 compatibled (for testing purpose only, not with a production website) ?
admin 32
January 10 2021, 00:05 #395632
CFv7 and 6 also should work on PHP 7.3, but you should be used v7 now
No support for Joomla 4 yet, it's still in beta stage!