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Professional services request

activha , June 29 2020, 10:39
activha 1
June 29 2020, 10:39 #393269
We need to hire someone to build a form for us from scratch using ChronoForm 6 installed
This form would be used with a unique input field for inserting any url in the front end (public use)
On submit the redirect page would open a blank iframe displaying the url with our demo widget in the bottom right corner (see result example on )
Ideally the page should be able to read some infos such as the company/title name from the headers and make it available for our widget (to replace "nom de votre company")
The form should keep the url in a log or db for post processing and data management
The form should be protected by google recaptcha
The form should be usable in a module to be displayed in another joomla page
Thanks for your quotes
Best regards