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rslyra , February 11 2020, 13:49
rslyra 90
February 11 2020, 13:49 #391139

I am a old user of Chrono 4, but new on Chrono 6. Does anyone have a tutorial or something similar? I can paid for it.

And dont talk about Chrono 6 manual. Is too diferente than the last version.

Maybe short suport, small questions? A kind of month/suport service anwsering some questions.
healyhatman 9
February 11 2020, 21:29 #391143
No there's nothing like that. There are however demo forms, and my shortcode reference form.
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admin 28
February 16 2020, 00:41 #391196
which questions exactly ? I can answer them here or prepare a small tutorial, but most concepts are similar to the manual!
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