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How do I put one field next to another?

ygorfk , February 04 2020, 13:53
ygorfk 3
February 04 2020, 13:53 #391033
Hello good day.
I am new to the world of Chronoforms, I have a simple question;

How do I put one field next to another? XD
An attached image follows

Thank att YgorScreenshot_7.png
healyhatman 9
February 04 2020, 21:30 #391038
Use a Multi Field Area
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ygorfk 3
February 05 2020, 03:25 #391040
Thank you, it worked perfectly, but this message is showing, you know what it could be?Screenshot_8.png
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ygorfk 3
February 05 2020, 03:29 #391041
I researched and saw that this problem may be some parameter of WAMP, I will give a review.
admin 28
February 05 2020, 10:01 #391043
Do you have the latest update installed ?
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