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shortcodes , January 09 2020, 10:27
E 113
January 09 2020, 10:27 #390614
How do I call shortcode {var: total} in custom code as $this -> .......?
GreyHead 64
January 09 2020, 10:52 #390615
Hi Ernst,
Please see this FAQ
ChronoForms technical support
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E 113
January 09 2020, 11:23 #390616
Thank you very much for the instructions, sometimes it's hard to find.

Please ask for advice on how to read the id of a row in the database table in php.

in shortcoces it's {var: save_data3.aid}, but I don't know how in php ($ this -> ....). I tried $ this-> get ("save_data3.aid"); (from, but it is not working.
healyhatman 9
January 09 2020, 11:38 #390617
That's definitely it. What does your debug say? The return from the save data action?
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E 113
January 09 2020, 11:47 #390618
I am very sorry, my fault.
I had the code by mistake before writing it to the database and therefore returned NULL