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Add Form In An Article

LikeStuff , January 03 2020, 17:40
LikeStuff 308
January 03 2020, 17:40 #390546
Where do I find the plugin to insert the form into an article?
Thank you!
healyhatman 8
January 03 2020, 22:47 #390548
There isn't a separate plugin anymore I think you just use the shortcodes as you normally would? {chronoforms6}name{/chronoforms6} or something
{{Edited to show the correct short-code : Bob]]
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LikeStuff 308
January 03 2020, 22:56 #390550
Hi thanks,
I tried the below but it does not work.
It's showing that code on the page and not the form. What am I missing?
LikeStuff 308
January 06 2020, 23:10 #390564
I was missing the "6" at the end of the code. All is good now.