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Including a Logo or other small image in an email

tshirley , December 16 2019, 07:44
tshirley 294
December 16 2019, 07:44 #390377
I need to add a company logo to some emails generated from CF6. What is the best way to embed the image? The logo is quite small, only 25KB, and it would be easiest to simply encode it in some way and put it in the html.
I am not expert in html, but I think there is a way to encode the image with base64 and include it.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
GreyHead 64
December 17 2019, 10:03 #390390
Hi Tim,
You can add an image link in the Footer section of the Email Auto-Template tab; that's probably the simplest.
It is possible to URLEncode the image but I'm not sure that is useful here.
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tshirley 294
December 17 2019, 10:51 #390394
Thanks Bob,
Sounds good - I can just put a normal html image link there? Is there any special permissions needed for it to be accessed from my server? In fact it looks as if I could put it in the header or footer area.
dwirianto 18
December 17 2019, 12:47 #390395
Normally I'll go with an image tag and give it an absolute url to the server like for an example down below.
<img src="image_url_goes_here" alt="" style="" width="" height="">
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healyhatman 9
December 17 2019, 13:11 #390397
Hey Bob Gmail and a bunch of others don't allow Base64 Encoded images - they simply throw away the image. So <img> tags are the way to go.
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